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consciousnesses — June 17, 2017
mac demarco — June 14, 2017
life expectancy within u.s. differs by 20 years according to where you live / structural violence is real — May 15, 2017
bare-handed speech synthesis — May 9, 2017
pi-eye ft. nermal — April 25, 2017
brave new weird world —

brave new weird world

brave new weird world


the striations like tattoos- i never got any

’cause events and growth are never captured in those.

i would rather be the blank fleshy slateĀ i’ve always been –

style in neutrality. besides, no one cares.

no one looks at me

more than me,




the world is shouting its differences more and more like pride.

i love it but it makes me feel lonely. i used to be the weirdo

and the world shows me more each year. i was never the weirdo.

and where does my hat hang if not on that? the old sitcoms, the books,

the memories and legends and poetry? i still have pride, but it’s in tatters,

it’s almost more comfortable that way. that’s hard to explain.

the brave new weird world is a highwire act

and i’m not afraid of heights

but i don’t go looking for them, either.

i am slowly etched

more and more

in letters.

it used to be a theme, a joke,

didn’t know it would become my whole life.

meaning strung to meaning

through sentences

but not blood,





axle — April 13, 2017



wrapped too out of my mind / slowly moving away from daring detail / it’s novice / it’s done / i am a clamato in some dive / a digitouch screen played by an old fag, all day /

grabby hands and solo stares, grey and greasy river water smears two hours together / we make tin cans of our hearts or self-deny until we’re quietly insane / one or the other /

and i am now the lost n found box, neither lost nor found / full o’ grubby gloves and scratched glasses / i am shattered axle on side of road / shovelled amongst slowly dying snow piles /

it’s easy to be stuff / :

imaginal mysti-bodies out there running lives we dream / that are somehow as real as our own (if we always come back to them) /

but they slowly smash their mold and maker / fated with disaster / it’s no surprise / stuffing dirt down the mouth of reason for as long as we can /

we’re not individuals / we’re dominos falling exactly as we should; horribly and uniformly / the wall gets closer and closer / a tea kettle lies at its base / cracked in half, steaming /

do you know how messy it would be if we all followed our hearts’ desires every day? / differently, fervently, focusedly, joyously, innocently? /

a mess /
i wonder when we’ll all get there