A lonely young man on Earth has no idea he’s the Universal conduit to the new Big Bang. To get there, he has to collect comics and have truckstop sex before finding his true love, a dying cosmic electromagnetic worm capable of creating spacetime portals.

PAGE ONE (6 Panels)

Panel 1: A typical truck stop, sign on it says Jefrey’s Truck Stop. No restaurant, just a fueling station, restrooms, double parking lot. We’re looking down on it from about 100 feet up, across the road. Nice day in the summer, sun, clouds, some birds. A crappy grey sedan is pulling into the lot. That’s Lonely Jefrey’s car.
CAPTION: The comic book convention had been fun. Sam Kieth was a no show but he had gotten a few TMNT’s signed.
CAPTION: Now Jefrey was driving home and one thing was clear. He needed a bathroom, STAT.
CAPTION: Exiting at his ramp, he remembered the truckstop that shared his name, even the spelling. Not the Lonely part.. That’s just what he called himself.

Panel 2: We see Jefrey getting out of his small sedan. He’s a mid-20’s chubby caucasian, tousled dark hair cut medium short, scrubby short beard. He’s wearing a short sleeve button-up shirt, jeans/sneaks.
CAPTION: Lonely Jefrey was lonely, but didn’t realize he was actually the loneliest person in the world. Lonely Jefrey had a need inside him that was cosmos-big, that connected him to the Ley line for world-desire.
CAPTION: We now call it the planetary axis; the original spinning force that once winked at life and made it move.
JEFREY: (thinking) Hurry hurry hurry

Panel 3: There are only two stalls in this smallish restroom, and two urinals. We see Lonely Jefrey opening the door to the left stall just as another man is entering the right one. The man is caucasian, wide shoulders, friendly clean-shaven face, tall and husky, button-up shirt tucked into khaki pants. He is looking at Jefrey and smiling.
CAPTION: For a brief second, this man next to him leaned in for a split second, something extra in his smile..
CAPTION: ..A sort of receptiveness, a hint of supplication as his eyes flickered briefly down then up Jimmy’s body. And then they were both inside, adjacent.

Panel 4: Shot inside Jefrey’s restroom stall. He’s seated, looking a mixture of relieved and confused.
CAPTION: Jefrey was good at not reacting to his brain everyday. It was all paranoias, sad fantasies, general out of control craziness.
CAPTION: He just set a neutral expression and kept mainly to himself. Kept quiet. It seemed what the world had always wanted from him anyhow.
CAPTION: But Jefrey’s terrible desire imprinted upon everything he looked at. His soul felt hungry. His thoughts whirled and whirled. And now the thought that this man was desirable just wouldn’t leave.

Panel 5: We see Jefrey standing, finished and zipping up. He’s looking down at a pair of lips sticking through a hole in the wall of the stall, surprised, wide-eyed.
CAPTION: Midway through, they appeared in a small hole gouged through the wall he hadn’t noticed, and stayed there even as Jefrey finished.
CAPTION: It was a half-disgusting, somehow half-tantalizing scene filled with anonymous, taboo potential. His head rushed and his heart raced.

Panel 6: We see Jefrey, eyes closed, biting his lower lip in a physical and emotional high, a look of supreme satisfaction on his face.
CAPTION: And then Jefrey did exactly what those lips wanted. It was a impulsive, scary. It was questioning, quivering desire made rock solid. The two were a wall apart but it was as close as he’d ever felt.
CAPTION: They made quick plans to meet there the same time next week, a wonderful shame creeping his face and burning his body. Now Jefrey had something to look forward to, something secret.
JEFREY: (whispering) Oh my God..

PAGE TWO (6 Panels)

Panel 1: Shot of Starworm zipping through space. Starworm is a skinnyish, worm-like creature, transparent/translucent, a sphincter for a ‘mouth’ on both ends, no eyes anywhere. Rest is up to you. Fins, ridges, smooth..
CAPTION: Starworms are living gravity wells moving about our Universe, entities capable of creating wormholes in spacetime fabric. This Starworm was one of the stringiest and strongest of its kind.
CAPTION: Every now and again Starworms need to return to their fountainhead to ‘fuel up’; a river of chunky electromagnetic current that orbits a distant sun called KIC 8462852.

Panel 2: Shot of collisions, supernovas, (how do you draw solar winds?), plasma bursts. A flying Starworm is overlaid somehow on this scene.
CAPTION: The ‘home charge’ keeps them alive but they only grow by seeking out cosmic perturbations: mighty solar winds, giant plasma waves, matter collisions. They channel the resulting gravity waves through their bodies. Bigger the better.
CAPTION: Starworms could sense these outputs of energy. Their bodies were antennae for most energy-releasing phenomena. This ‘Worm in particular had been quite good at finding these cosmic release valves.
CAPTION: Very long, strong and stringy. Very inventive.

Panel 3: Shot of Earth, far off in space. Etched in the starry sky, somehow, is an illustration of Elysica Chlorotica. (
CAPTION: Previously.
CAPTION: After feeding on a solar storm on Earth in 1859, ‘Worm had encountered a sea slug slipping along the skin of the Atlantic, near Nova Scotia.
CAPTION: They spoke the language of the macrocosm for a time, the sea-slug showing ‘Worm how it had learned to subsist on light alone for extensive periods of time.

Panel 4: We see Starworm, small, in space, burrowing into itself in such a way that it now resembles a klein’s bottle. (
CAPTION: The need for home charge had been looming.
CAPTION: Absorbed in the holy search and roaming farther than he had ever, Starworm suddenly perceived the most radiant energy eruption. Knowing he would miss the surge if he left for home now, he impetuously tried to recreate the sea slug’s trick.

Panel 5: We see what I imagine the inside of a wormhole looks like- slimy light sliding by, some sort of vanishing point action. Barreling down the center is the klein’s bottle shaped Starworm, his front end is now the one opening.
CAPTION: Starworm burrowed into his own side as at the same time he created a wormhole, grabbing a chunk of photons from KIC 8462852 in the future, and plasmasynthesizing them inside his present-form..
CAPTION: Something that had never been done. You had to sleep in the electromagnetic starlight to charge, you could not steal this light. This was KIC law. But that is what Starworm had just done.

Panel 6: We see a series of circles (stars) overlapping themselves, the colors are in negative; white space, black stars in the background. A tiny klein’s bottle shaped Starworm is silhouetted in center frame.
CAPTION: But this action had cleaved the lines of induction inside. ‘Worm’s intrinsic charge was halved.
CAPTION: The surge hurled the misshapen Spacesnake across the ether, farther from home than before.

PAGE THREE (6 Panels)

Panel 1: We see ‘Worm dashing through spacetime, passing planetary chunks, speedlines galore.
CAPTION: ‘Worm had unwittingly become the first magnetic monopole and was in the middle of realizing he wasn’t possible.. The energy from the co-opted home charge was burning him out. Quickly. The future was no place to obtain energy.

Panel 2: Shot of Starworm in some racing, amorphous time stream, visibly flagging/fading.
SFX: A series of cryptic musical note symbols that we’ve not learned of yet, across the top or bottom of the panel.
CAPTION: Starworm fought for control as he cranked through temporal rifts. With his last energies he bent in the direction of the bright pulse that had compelled him in the first place.
CAPTION: It was Earth again. But ‘Worm was failing. He felt drowned in his own limited existence, small, pitiful. Fragile for the first time.
CAPTION: And he began to sing.

Panel 3: Bird’s-eye view of Jefrey’s truck stop. Nice, sunny day, a few birds flapping ‘round.
CAPTION: A song of time travel piped from Starworm’s body. Resonant wavelengths slipped along spacetime curvatures made for connection.

Panel 4: A head on view of Starworm’s new klein’s bottle maw; a smooth, white orifice glowing with a perforated deteriorating light, pumping through starfields.
CAPTION: It was a beautiful and ancient desperation. It felt strangely familiar.
CAPTION: The energy tugging at ‘Worm from Earth felt like a glimpse into a solidly resonant lifetone, a bodyforce that hinted at power enough for a permanent charge.
SFX: A series of cryptic musical note symbols that we’ve not learned of yet.

Panel 5: We see Jefrey pulling in, him from his car window most likely, looking chipper, whistling.
CAPTION: This was the 5th meeting at the truckstop. Sundays at 4pm.
SFX: Jefrey’s whistled series of musical note symbols from planet Earth, somehow analogous to Starworm’s song.

Panel 6: We see Earth from space again, very close, we’re almost within its atmosphere. Starworm’s new head (the klein’s bottle opening) is in panel near the bottom, surging forward, nearly opaque, nearing his end. We see a fading out of the ‘wormholing’ speed effect.
CAPTION: Starworm hit the atmosphere, feeling for the vibration, finding nothing.. The chronologic overlay was right, he sensed it had emanated from the same spot five times before, at regular intervals.

PAGE FOUR (6 Panels)

Panel 1: ‘Worm smears down through clouds and sunrays, through the roof of the truck stop bathrooms, maybe shown through multiple imaging or photographic streaking? Worm is phasing through the structure.
CAPTION: Worm found the locus of the signal and perched at the aperture. Gravity aching to complete circuits flexed around him.
CAPTION: Leaking. Waiting.
CAPTION: Open. Dying.

Panel 2: Shot of Starworm sucking blindly at the gloryhole in the stall the older man uses, its klein’s bottle body still pulling its other end out of the ceiling.

Panel 3: We see Jefrey opening his stall door. The other is closed.
CAPTION: Jefrey was as eager as he’d been the first time, shaking and nervous. But now it seemed a different experience was being offered.

Panel 4: Shot of Jefrey’s surprised face, looking down at the gloryhole.
CAPTION: Instead of the man’s eager lips, Jefrey saw a fleshy cavity. It was grey and quivering, anointed with a clear grease. Jefrey had wondered if it would lead to this, and he was ready.
CAPTION: He wondered how long the man had been there. Jefrey was always first, preferring the experience incognito.

Panel 5: Shot of Jefrey’s face, horny and determined.
CAPTION: As Jefrey entered Starworm thinking it was his older man friend, the Starworm separated from himself, feeling the power coursing just behind Lonely Jefrey’s chubby little cock. CAPTION: Jefrey was a powerful conduit, but Starworm was still expiring. The source came from within.
CAPTION: In a last ditch effort, ‘Worm reached with his newly-freed end under the stall wall, plugging into the surge center, Jefrey’s first chakra, through his asshole.
CAPTION: Jefrey’s penis was sent burrowing through spacetime in an impossible jump back to his own body. The destination was suddenly known. The answer had always been Lonely Jefrey.

Panel 6: Shot of Jefrey’s face in transcendent bliss, lost in a consuming light, the wormhole effect, negative starfields, the whole lot layered together like transparencies.
CAPTION: Jefrey was fucking himself. He screamed as his prostate orgasmed. Lost in the healing ripples of time, Starworm had unknowingly provided Jefrey with the answer to his loneliness. Literal self-love.
CAPTION: They both became strong enough to see their reflection on the other side of this new axis. Jefrey and the sated Starworm whirled in buzzing symbiosis.
CAPTION: They were gorgeous. Reborn. Innocent. They were creation.
CAPTION: And then, a vigorous light that swept the world and sky.