soldered circuits/ we get bent

in the direction of paid-out antennas

lusciously feeling up the issues

more like entertainment than anything now

vote vote vote

but please please please see through it, too.

do that plus something unexpected.

lay down your

indictment, not on issues but

on systems that have somehow

adopted the mantle of morality w/ a

“here sir, let me take that for you.”


not conspiracy’d but planned

to calm many many people down.

the conspiracy is the safe route,

the tunnel taken that quells the most people at once.

it’s an algorithm.


we are too many uncalculated, too willing

to move in mass groups. not en masse,

something less coordinated,

like one hundred million ‘first followers’

waiting for their safe chance.


i’m startled at how different i’ve become,

not able to agree with anyone about anything,

we’re just jokes inside of jokes of a life

and i stand staring down the ancient desperation

or maybe it’s a wall

knowing it’s as phony as holden knew

that j. d. knew


but i’ve got

what they had not:


the dionysian math of gnossos p.