draw your experiences into you. the same as spelling, casting desire. what if we- now- all commenting, writing, drawing designing using that original power knew we were magical wizards..? that will and intent can run through power lines, vocal cords, circuit boards, no different than any other natural force on earth. effect change in any which way pick 1 and move! the right word, the right action will compel, truly. our built-up anger drives hate. we know this and therefore know we must want hate. what to do with this terrible knowledge. we can not keep at bay our anger so where do we put it? ask a fucking wizard!


the day after prince died i was floating on cushions, looking at sky, relaxed, thinking about death and happy. we were listening to old cassettes of his early albums. a bird flew overhead and i abstractly brought such a connection to bear on time in that moment. i creatively imagined that that bird up there was prince, checking out all the spots around the globe, hearing and feeling the palpable impact his art made inside world culture.. i thought he must be surprised to fly over this bastion of loud purple pop music amidst the gun shops and grim country stores and waves of hurt mainers. here we were blasting it out; wise, sun-drenched and content. i was feeling the mood and time of 3 decades ago through his music, the realness of living times past through songs. it felt tinny, funky, happier, a little more brave.. of times past.. the realness of considering my body moving through those decades, my genetic imprint upon them as they molded and changed me, too.


astral projecting with lynn made me feel lonely.


summer, 2k16